Upgrade price for BIAS FX 2 should be cheaper

  • I bought the complete BIAS Platinum collection plus the extra Celestion pack. The upgrade price for BIAS FX 2 Elite is $199. However, if I was a brand new customer and bought BIAS FX 1 Pro for $199 I would get a free upgrade to BIAS FX 2 Pro when it comes out. Come on Positive Grid... you should be rewarding your best customers by offering them a much better upgrade deal than what you are giving to the newbies right off the bat. I know one price point is for the Pro version and the other is for the Elite version, but a new customer who goes from Pro to Elite is still getting a better deal than all of us who completely bought into Positive Grid and have been giving free endorsements for Positive Grid to our guitar friends.

  • I agree that the upgrade to FX2 Elite was a bit too steep.

    I'm coming from an "everything you sold" version of BIAS FX Pro (metal/bass/acoustic packs, and the BIAS Pedal mod/delay/distortion packs) and a $199 upgrade to the latest "everything" collection was too much, versus $99 for the upgrade to FX2 Pro. Especially since I already own the 3 Pedal packs, which weren't cheap.

    Looking at Pro vs. Elite, I don't care about (or see the point) of the extra Guitar Match thingies, but would like to have the extra HD racks and the Fuzz/Delay/Harmonizer modelers. Not to the point of spending an extra $100, however.

    If the FX Pro -> FX2 Elite upgrade had been $149 (perhaps only for people who already own the 3 Pedal packs, and keep the $199 price for those who don't) I'd have splurged.

    For what it's worth.

  • Considering I own all 3 Bias Pedal module, the price SHOULD BE CHEAPER for Elite

  • My frustration stems from the price for first-time buyers can be lower than previous owners/upgraders total cost to attain the same level of product.

    Currently (11/1/2019) they're doing a 50% off sale on BIAS FX 2 with pricing of $49/$99/$149 for first-time buyers of Std/Pro/Elite or a $24/$49/$99 upgrade price for current Pro owners. (Regularly upgrades from Pro are $49/$99/$199; don't know if Std owners upgrades are priced differently.)

    I initially bought BIAS FX 1 Std last year for $50 and then later snagged a deal where I was able to bump up to Pro for another $50. This was when the best deals for Pro new was $139 IIRC, so it was a pretty decent deal.

    Along comes BIAS FX 2 and its new Elite tier (with all the good goodies reserved to that) and the upgrade prices for Pro and Elite on top of the $100 I'd previously invested made the total spend equal to just buying BFX2 for the first time and that's with the good deals I had snagged; it would be even more expensive if I'd paid the higher sale or especially list price.

    Imagine being the sap who paid $199 for BFX1 Pro and then had to pay $199 to upgrade to BFX2 Elite (total: $398) only to see n00bs be able to show up late and get the same thing now for 63% less. Ouch! That's a real kick to the knackers.

    Offering $50-$100 off the new buyer price of BFX2 to BFX1 owners has never been a really great deal, but now it's so lopsided against users who already gave PG money in favor of n00bs, it's just sad. If I could just toss another $50 at PG to get Elite, it'd be "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!" time in a heartbeat, but as long as it costs more - sometimes MUCH more - to continue being a customer, well, no, not going to do that. Too bad.

    PG should treat those who've already supported them at least as equally as new customers. Just my 1/50th of a dollar.