tone cloud

  • I am knew and I just purchased bias mini. (Standard) I am on tone-cloud but I cant hear any samples
    can any one help

    thanks john

  • Not much information to go on here. Are you using BIAS Amp 2 and what are you running it on (iPad, PC, iMac)? What operating system are you using? I just got my BIAS MINI last week, so I am not an expert but here is a couple of ideas that I hope might help.

    I assume that your unit is working fine and that you can hear the presets loaded onto the MINI and that you can also hear all of the presets on your computer or IOS device. To audition a ToneCloud preset, click it and a window should popup. Under the picture of the amp, press the PREVIEW button. The button should change color and the label change to PLAYING. That should do it. If all this is true, then I'm afraid I don't know how to help.

  • @r_kemail2
    I am using windows 10 @ 64 bit with bias amp 2 downloaded software obtained license and registered it in tone cloud.
    I open up amps to preview the sounds and i press preview it changes and says its playing but I cant hear anything. the sound is not getting to head phones.

    thanks again john

  • @jf1455 said in tone cloud

    Do you know, that you have to volume up and hit the strings to hear a preview? It's not that there is playing something for demonstration. Just asking because you talked about "samples".

  • Another possibility is that your headphone output level is at 0. Press the Output knob until the led is lit next to HEADPHONE to adjust this level.