Latest release of BIAS AMP 2 crashing

  • It loads the standalone, but as soon as I try to access the library it turns all white and does not resolve itself. Was working with the previous release without issue. Windows 10, Focusrite 6i6 2nd Gen.

    Seriously guys, great sounding product when it in't blowing up on me.

    Joe K, Felix, WTF!!

  • A2

    I wonder if this is related to the Phone Home crash that has caused positive grid products to stop functioning on the very most expensive and one of the most popular systems of high end audio, Dante, lately

    I was able to work with Focusrite and get them able to repro the Dante crash. I have sent dozens of emails with clues and repros to Positive Grid. FOcusrite also has them as does Audinate.

    NOTHING about PG products calling the internet should crash your computer! With Dante it actually forces you to restart.

    Can you do a test for me? Can you unplug your internet on that computer and try again and see if it doesnt crash? (Yeah I know it wont go to tone cloud, but just to see if it errors out like this)

    This needs to be fixed NOW....yesterday! Last month when I reported it!

  • First my 1st gen 6i6 would load the asio driver in standalone, so I moved my 2i2 2nd gen from my other pc and it worked, then I bought a 2nd 6i6 on sale and updated the BA2. I honestly can't keep track of whether the new 6i6 ever worked with BA2 at all, but the 2i2 did. F'n PG, it's always something!

  • The 2i2 now does the same thing. I can go into the settings menu, but when I click on the tab for any othe the classes of amps the standalone goes white and does not come back. I wish I had the last version to install.

  • found my copy of the version before the new one BIAS AMP Desktop, works fine.