HElP!!!! (please)

  • I have downloaded the trial version of Bias FX for a PC. How do I connect from my guitar to my PC and onto my amp? Can I connect my guitar to my Boss GT1 pedal and then via USB to my PC and then from my PC via RCA to jack into my mighty Blackstar HT 5? Bedroom use only!

  • A2

    I can't remember if the GT1 has proper ASIO drivers and a way to mix between series and parallel, but if so:

    Guitar into GT-1,

    GT-1 USB into the computer (turn off and direct path you can from the GT1 input to output so that you ONLY hear the computer output, not the internal GT-1 chain)

    GT-1 Analog output into hopefully the FX return of your Blackstar (if it has one)

  • @pipelineaudio Thanks for your help. Not had time to try it yet. :)