BT Pedal Editor switches hardware device (from Jamup to Bias) and becomes unusuable

  • Hi there,

    I use the BT-4 to switch between zwo presets in JamUp Pro - one is my main sound that is used fpr 99,9% of a show and one preset that is only needed for 8 bars in one song.

    Today for the 2nd time in one week I had to stop playing because switching back was not possible, After having switched the preset one I cannot select another because the BT Pedal Editor now changed its mode to control a Bias Preset. I then have to go to the iPad, select the Editor and switch back to Jamup.

    This is a real disappointment because I have to rely to my system...

    Is there anybody who has encountered the same issue and knows a solution?


  • Moderator

    @andreas-hoppe Can you try to restart your iPad and reconnect it to the BT-4 Pedal to see how it goes? Feel free to write to us here and we will create a bug report to track.