Blend/mix level on dual spring reverb?

  • How do you get more dry sound through that reverb - it´s too wet and I have searched everywhere for a button to do that?????

    Thanks :)

  • @xmortenx you are right. This particular pedal even sends a notable reverb, when reverb is set to zero. Maybe thats a feature of the real thing too?

  • To my ears it sounds like it´s the star of the reverbs, but it´s unusable with no blend knob. Are your aware of any kind of routing, since it´s a rack unit, where you can route a dry signal parallel to it ??

  • A2

    ALL of the FX need mix controls....ALL OF THEM....I don't care that such a thing may or may not be on the real gear. To me its in the same vein as "adding realistic noise and crosstalk between channels" like so many silly ass mixing plugins do.

  • If they did not have a blend control in real life, then there would be somekind of bus system or a mixer within the rig where you could route a clean and a wet signal.. Is that a possibility within BIAS FX?? . Otherwise the reverb model does not make any sense - 100% wet has never been the point of any reverb unless you are making a movie or special FX sound or something like that


  • @xmortenx maybe use the splitter and put it in the other amp chain and then use the splitter mixer to control the mix?

  • Good Idea :) Downside it that the rig gets more complicated. I have never liked the two amp setup - but I will give it a try :)