Bias Amp 2 - best way to turn down output?

  • Hi, I like to run the output tubes loud. But the the output of the amp is very loud, distorting fx chains in bias FX and also is hotter than other amps when changing presets. Turning down the ouput slider, does not fix the problem with overloading the FX chain. There are multiple ways to turn down output in all the different amp blocks. Which knob is the one that does not affect tone but just lowers the volume?? : )

  • A2

    I've been trying to get that figured out for a while.

  • I usually try to keep output and input slider om 0. I adjust the volume at the transformer output and the mike volumes. Sometimes I have used an EQ after the transformer just to adjust volume.

  • Ah! Perfect - Eq after with no bands active gives minus 15 db. Thanks! gonna give that a try. To me in this digital domain it would be awesome if Positive Grid could just make an option of automatic gain leveling l ike the best plugins. That way its much easier to hear if your edit are good or just sound better because they are louder, like it would be much easier and fun to browse presets :)
    Ps. If you have not bought the celestion modern/vintage add on I suggest you do. When I did that - the realism factor went up 40%

  • Just watch the level in the EQ after reopening a saved change. For some reason I have not been able to save - or +15. It always goes back to 7 or something. Haven't tried for some time, so maybe this is corrected by now (never got round to contacting support).