Bias FX 2 The Next Revolution

  • I just got an Email about a Bias FX Pre-Order sale for Bias FX 2 "The Next Revolution".

    As a current owner of Bias FX 2 "Elite" how does this affect me? On the web page that the Email directs me to I only see pre-order options for owners of Bias Amp 2 and Bias FX 1 Pro.

    So, for current owners of Bias FX 2 will this be a update that's available for download?

  • You don't own Bias FX 2. It's not released yet. There is only Bias FX and Bias Amp 2. Owners of the existing Bias FX get a discount on FX2, the discount amount depends on what license tier you own of the original FX.

  • @elric


    Not sure how I missed that? I guess I was confusing Bias FX & Bias Amp 2 both of which I own along with Bias Pedal and The Pro Series Compressors.

    Also mistakenly called it Bias FX Elite. That doesn't exist only "Pro", My Bad. With so many different Positive Grid products on my computer it's easy for me to get them confused.

    I currently own Bias FX Pro, Bias Amp 2 Elite, Bias Pedal Pro (Dist, Delay & Mod), Pro Series Compressor, Acoustic Expansion, Bass Expansion, Metal Signature Expansion and the Celestion Pack

    So, I'm sure I will get a super special upgrade price, right?

    Thanks for clarifying this.