Looking for players for project

  • Hello, forgive me if I'm not in the right topic for this post.

    I'm looking for a few good people to finish a project. Need, drums, bass and a vocalist.

    The project is being recorded with Reaper, so knowledge of this DAW is a must, and I'm using Positive Grid gear. The music is hard rock, all original material.

    If anyone is interested please let me know. Thank you.

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    This is awesome and it would be really cool if there was a collab function for Positive grid users!

    There are several collabs going on at the REAPER forum, and usually people on the REAPER Users Group on Facebook looking to collab, but it would be awesome if we had a link here too!

  • Yeah that would be great, I've used different software but PG is by far the best I've used at least for my project it is and to have a collab here would be great!

    I first went to the Reaper forum but I can't post a thread there, they still haven't given the permission for posting or something like that. Will keep trying.

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    @davidrabinov if you don't see it soon, give me your reaper forum name and I'll send it on

  • @pipelineaudio Forum name - foxestail