Troubleshooting with loading presets, Cubase 9.5

  • Hi,
    I've been using BIAS FX for a long time as my main amp simulator, with Cubase (9.5), and I have serious problems with presets and saves.

    1. To begin with, when I load any of my Cubase project (using several BIAS FX plugins as insert effects for guitar tracks), BIAS FX resets amps and pedals I previously used for specific tracks to the "ARSENAL" preset, and I don't think this is right but did not find any solution on the internet and in your forums.
      In order to solve this problem, I created presets for each track and saved them in the same custom bank. Each time I open my cubase project, all of the guitar tracks using BIAS FX are resetting to the "ARSENAL" preset and I have to manually open each preset I previously saved, on each guitar track (this is not very convenient and takes a long time each time I open a project).
      Surprisingly, sometimes some of my guitar tracks are loaded with the correct custom presets when I open a project. But I don't understand why the software only loads some of them.
    2. In addition, I recently realized BIAS FX doesn't display a lot of my presets in the scrolling menu, although these presets are correctly saved under Documents/BIAS FX/Presets.
      I already tried to download the software again, even to open it with Ableton Live 10. But it didn't solve any of those problems.
      I'm french, so sorry for my bad english, thanks in advance for your help.

  • Both issues are now solved thanks to PositiveGrid support, after a few days of testing. Both issues were related to an unknown corrupted file located in Documents/BIAS_FX.

    In case those issues happen to you (although you tried to uninstall/re-install BIAS_FX in the first place) :

    1. Concerning the issue #1, just rename the "BIAS_FX" folder to "BIAS_FX backup", so the software creates automatically a brand new BIAS_FX folder in Documents, the next time you open a BIAS FX instance. Therefore BIAS FX can be "linked" to that new "BIAS_FX" folder, where all the Presets and files related to BFX are located.
      As for me, this simple fix solved both issues.

    2. Regarding the issue #2, I lost a few random presets (it was certainly also related to the unknown corrupted file I mention above), not showing up in BFX menu (but correctly located in Documents/Bias_FX/Presets). I sent the specific folders containing those presets affected by the issue to PositiveGrid support, cause they knew how to edit the Preset.json files located in those folders, in order to make those "lost presets" appear in the BIAS FX scrolling menu.

    I hope this could help someone in the future.