What kind of cab should I get...

  • Yello,

    I'm about 98% sure I'm going to be buying a BIAS rack unit in the next month or so. I play heavy metal, black and stoner metal so I use more gain then what's needed for a hard rock type sound and I usually have a fuzz/distortion pedal going on in front. I have a Mesa 2x12 cabinet right now, I don't think it has V30's in it, most likely a Mesa brand speaker. I've been using it with an Electro-Harmonix MIG 50 head, which essentially sounds like a cross between a JCM 800 and an older Fender amp. It holds up and I believe it's rated for 120 watts.

    Wanting to be able to take advantage of the cab sims that come with BIAS I wanted to reach out and see what kind of cab would be best for achieving this. I've looked at the Headrush FRFR-108, but I'm not too bowled over with the floor monitor type encloser and the fact that it's not a 4x12. Any suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks! \m/

  • @bcphillips2112 I'm no expert, but isn't the idea of using cab sims to send the signal into front-of-house/PA? I mean, if you're using them in a studio setup (provided you're not re-amping), you're basically lining them through the most transparent monitors you can afford, right?

    So patching your signal through a Bias head w/cab sims and then out through a cab, you're really stacking two cab stages on top of eatch other. Which would probably work (I think - never tried it myself) but all cabs have their own specific sound profile, so chances are you wouldn't get the tone you have in mind when setting up your favorite sound bank/profile?

    I had an idea similar to yours a while back, and I came to the conclusion that it could work so long as you bypassed the cab sim stage and went straight from amp to actual cab. Of course, the issue with that is not all amps are gonna sound great through that particular cab, and you might find yourself restricted to using only certain amp models in order to get a sound you feel happy with.

  • @btnmnki Yeah that's my concern, using different amp models with a nonsimulated cab...I don't think it will sound bad, but I may not be taking full advantage of what BIAS rack has to offer at that point. Assuming I would be playing gigs all the time at a venue where the PA isn't absolute garbage, what you suggested is definitely the way to go. The cab sim can be turned off on the rack version correct? I have been looking at this Orange cab for a while:

    alt text

    Orange Crush Pro 240-watt

    I would ultimately like to find something that isn't really of any "particular" sound, i.e. doesn't necessarily have to be the most boutique sounding/iconic cab. Still would need to sound good obviously. I have a copy of BIAS Amp 2 and I use it in conjunction with Logic, looking for a decent pair of monitors too, but that would be strictly for recording purposes. Thanks for your input!