Moving custom presets between iPads?

  • Re: Moving projects to another iPad
    I use two iPads for my workflow, an iPad pro 12.9 in the studio and and an Air2 for on-the-road editing. I have created custom Final Touch Presets on the studio iPad that I want to transfer to the other iPad.
    There doesn't seem to be a way to do this, export/import via iCloud would be the obvious solution...

  • How I do it:

    Get all of your presets setup the way you want on one device.
    Open the menu, go to preset backup.
    Link your drop box.
    Select 'Backup Presets to Dropbox'

    On any other device:
    Go to preset backup
    Link Dropbox
    Select 'Restore Presets from Dropbox' (this will overwrite all your presets with your backup from the other device)

    Do that for every iOS device... I have like three iPhones and two iPads and they are all 100% in sync.

    I use my personal area on Tonecloud for Amp. I don't use Amp very often on the iOS devices, I mostly use it on the Desktop and then import those in to a Bias FX preset and use tone cloud to transfer the preset to FX and sync everything up.