Real cab pre-made eq and setup

  • I’m using my Mini Amp on a Marshall 1960a Lead cab ( Celestion gh12-75) and it sounds great but I had to change a lot of eq and internal amplifier’s settings to obtain a tone which is similar to the one that comes out from my headphones with the cab sim on (for example the mesa treadplate)
    Basically all the simulations sound more “boxy” and dark when using the real marshall cab and even with some equalization, it’s like i’m still missing some clearity and high tones.
    I was wondering if using a process like the “amp match” comparing the simulated sound, to the ones coming out from real cabs, and then modifying them to perfectly match, positive grid
    could create some pre-made adjustment for various real cabs so that they could sound as similar as possible to the tones on the cloud.
    I know my english is not perfect and the concepts are not so easy to explain but I hope someone can understand what i mean!! :D

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    @tommaso-fanzone Yes you can try amp-match the simulated signal and feed it to your real cab to see how it goes. Just wondering have you tried to EQ your preset before/after the preamp section in BIAS Amp2 program?

    On the "pre-made adjustment" request: Did you mean to have a separate output settings so that you can set it to fit different real cabs around the market?

  • Hi Felix, thanks for your answer!
    I tried with the pre amp eq, but i’ll go back there to see if it can get even better!

    About the amp match- I’m not an engineer and it must be way more complicated than this, but I suppose it works analyzing the frequencies, converting them into digital language and then modelling them to create the sound, referring to a determined algorithm based on what has been captured before from the amplifier.
    Maybe the problem is that that algorithm works perfectly digitally, with the cab sim, but when converted to analogic, passing thru a real cab, change “colour” and sounds different.. so “a second pass” of amp match to analyze again the difference between the original algorithm and what actually comes out from the real cab could adjust the algorithm and allow to create two versions, one for the simulated cab and one for the specific real cab.
    I don’t know, maybe i’m saying stupid things..
    Goin on: yes, output setting option created for real cabs. It would be wonderful to have pre made adjustment (pre-amp and eq) for real cabs created from positive grid: knowing the different reaponses that cabs give, wouldn’t it be super to have settings already prepared from professionals? Just selecting my Marshall 1960a from the menu under the voice (output cab), I would have the same sound that i hear from the computer but from the real cab.
    Hope I’ve been able to explain what i meant! :)