Can't get PC audio with Bias FX Running

  • Hello all,

    I am a new BiasFX user. I've got it installed and am (temporarily) using a Rocksmith USB cable to connect the guitar. I have ASIO4ALL installed to use as my passthrough driver:


    Sound quality is great with these settings, but I can't get audio from other sources on the PC. I like to use jamplay for lessons but, obviously, can't listen to them. I have also tried the DirectSound driver which does solve the problem, but the lowest sample size is 132, which gives a very noticeable delay.

    Here are my ASIO settings:

    I can't think of anything else to try. I've followed positive grid's advice on disabling 'allow applications to take exclusive control of this device' and matching the sample rate for the audio inputs and outputs to no avail.

    Has anybody had this problem and successfully solved it?


  • A2

    Many (most? All?) interfaces being run under ASIO4ALL can NOT, HALTEN, NYET!, be used in multiclient operation

    You might possibly be able to use this with other things if you use Voicemeeter

    I highly, extremely recommend people only buy interfaces that come with actual ASIO drivers specifically made for them. These don't need to be expensive! There are several very cheap interfaces that fit this. Especially on Craigslist