Super bad latency on Bias Amp 2

  • I have extremely bad latency when using Bias Amp 2 as a standalone program. I have updated my audio interface drivers and matched the sample rate with everything. When I change the audio buffer size, the audio becomes super distorted and messed up, so I have to keep it on one setting that makes the latency terrible. Is there a fix to this? Do I have to attach Bias Amp 2 to a DAW to get rid of latency?

  • A2

    You are running it in ASIO mode? Or is this on mac?

  • Thanks for the reply. I had the "Audio Driver" setting set to "Windows Audio." I set it to "ASIO" and the latency instantly cleared up. Thanks for the help!

    Anyone else who has this same problem do this:

    1. Open Bias Amp 2
    2. Open Settings in the top right
    3. Click on "Audio Settings"
    4. At the very top there's a setting called "Audio Driver." Click on this and select "ASIO"