Spide V amp works as Interface!

  • Came across this by accident.
    Using a 'no amp or effects' patch on the Spider it works as an IOS interface.
    Used to have a Sonic Port VX and seem to work just as well
    Anybody else tried this?

  • A2

    Yup....Some of the Line 6 stuff makes decent platforms to run our stuff! Sadly, the ones that were really proper for it, like the firehawk and amplifi 150, don't. Hopefully we will see more amps with proper interfaces in them as time goes on. A lot of them don't allow to replace the amplifier input with the interface output completely, so don't work quite as you'd like

  • @pipelineaudio
    Strange Lines 6 don’t advertise or even acknowledge this ability . Great buy for a combo amp with this added ability.
    Unfortunately as you say you can’t use the amp to play Bias tones as you can’t disable the original tone. I use studio monitors or headphones.