How to switch patches in Bias FX?

  • Hello all,

    First time poster, so apologies if this has been covered before. I have Bias Amp 1 and 2 as well as Bias FX. I use Bias FX desktop to do a lot of my low volume practicing, as my only live amp is a Mark V and a 4x12 cab, not something I can always crank on a weeknight.

    My question is, can I assign a hot key or midi button to cycle through presets or even choose exact saved presets? If I have to use a folder and put my presets in an order that’s ok, I really only need a clean ‘channel’ and my regular tone. If this isn’t achievable in Bias FX, can I achieve it in Mainstage? The latter probably is doable but more work so I’m hoping I can do this somehow in Bias FX directly.

    I have a midi usb footswitch ready to go. Thanks in advance!

  • @shadow1psc Not sure about midi, but hotkey, no. You can temporarily store presets in the small numbered banks in the standalone app, but you can't assign them to equivalent keys. Not sure why, it has been requested before (by yours truly, among others) and I never got a response. Maybe they'll implement it in Bias FX 2?

  • @shadow1psc it is not even possible to confirm a simple status message by using the "return" or "space key", like the one after successfully downloading an amp from the Tonecloud. For everything you have to use your mouse. From my POV the usage of some standard shortcuts like TAB, RETURN, ESCAPE, ARROW KEYS would provide a minimum of usability.

  • A2

    With piz midi tools or virtual midi in some daws you could pull this off. Also, there are a few virtual pedalboards. Also, I think there is a behringer FCB1010 editor free that also has an emulator

  • All of this is pretty easy to setup in a decent VST host. I almost bever run the stand alone app.

  • Yes you can switch presets but you need to assign each patch a midi PC number.
    Look at this help topic: