Can’t install Celestion pack

  • Hey,

    New Bias mini owner here! I bought the Celestion g12 IR pack and when I downloaded it, here didn’t seem to be any installer or instructions on how to install on Bias 2. The site seemed to say I just needed to log out and back into tone cloud for it to activate but that doesn’t seem to have worked.

    Anyone got any suggestions or can point me to some help online?


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    @patitomark The Celestion G12 pack includes IR files only, which means you will need to load it physically within the IR-Loader section in BIAS Amp2 program, check this tutorial:

  • You will also need to (copy and) rename the IRs you want to use in BIAS because Bias only accepts short file names. If you import IRs with too long names Bias will truncate the file names to something that doesn't tell you which files are which.

    This is how I've done:


    If you put those files in the folder I've used (on Windows) they will be imported automatically into Bias Amp2. The "Postive Grid" folder is a subfolder to "Documents".

  • Great. Thanks, I’ll give this a shot at the weekend!

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  • Ok, so this is a massive pain in the ass. I want to have all of these available, not have to import them all one at a time for every mic and even sample rate. Using the IR loader, it appears that's what I have to do.

    I really don't have the time to faff about with this, I just want to click, buy, install and have what I've purchased immediately available. Not have to construct virtual cab lego!

    Is there a celestial pack I can buy that will just install to BIAS 2 and I can access all the different models?

  • Until I understand, all Celestion cabs that come with Bias Amp 2 Elite plus the Celestion Vintage Modern pack (separate purchase) are IRs that are managed within Bias Amp 2 the way you ask: you don’t need to load the file and you need only to move the mic, not needing to load another file for another mic position, and so on with other conditions.

    For those who want to have only the individual IRs to load with another software, PG offers five packs with individual files. But these are the same files that are included in Elite and the Vintage Modern pack.

    The above is what I understand.

    Edit: in the link given by Felix above, point 3, it can be read this:

    1. For those who only need Celestion IRs for IR-compatible software/hardware, we also have them for sale in our web store ($29 for each):

    G12H Anniversary Collection Expansion Pack*
    Neo Creamback Collection Expansion Pack*
    G12M Greenback Collection Expansion Pack*
    Cream Collection Expansion Pack
    Blue Collection Expansion Pack*


    Positive Grid's Celestion Classic/Modern Vintage packs do not offer IR files for other uses, yet each one of the 15 custom Celestion speaker cabs has multiple IR’s inside - it is not a single impulse response. Instead of having to load another impulse response file to listen to a new mic position, our custom cabs interpolate between the different impulse responses when you move the mics around. That’s huge - it really does make using Celestion IR’s better and easier on BA2 than on any other platform.

    Unfortunately this is explained only in the FAQ and not in the web page section where the products are offered, to be clear that the IRs are the same of the Elite version plus Vintage Modern.

  • Ok so it looks like I’ve purchased the wrong pack! Why is this not made clear on the sales page?!?!? Infuriating when companies do stuff like this.....

    Can’t seem to find the like for either of the upgrade packs either. Talk about making it hard to take your money!!!!!!

  • Yes, it is not clear on the sales page.

    You find BAmp2 Elite here, on the down side:

    And the pack Celestion Modern Vintage here (bundles and packs / packs). After installing it, it is integrated with BAmp. I am not sure if it needs to be Elite or not.

  • So $269 so I can have a few Celestion cabs available. That’s not happening....

    Guess I’m stuck till positive grid decide to seek these packs separately... :-(