Anyone using a DI box in front of their interface?

  • Hi folks - I’m struggling to get tones I’m consistently happy with - especially when it comes to AC30 and Plexi Territory.

    I’m wondering if it has anything to do with my rig. Steinberg UR442. I had been plugging straight into the Hi-Z inputs on the front but started experimenting with a Radial JDE in front of the interface and felt like I was starting to make headway.
    Is anyone else using a DI in their BIAS setup? If so, what DI boxes are you using and are you happy with the results vs just plugging your guitar / bass directly into your interface?

  • A2

    If the interface has a DI AND it can keep a loud pickup under 0dBFS I'll use that. Most of my interfaces do not have DI's so I use whatever I have around. I have piles of jensens, a few countrymans and some stuff that we use live, like the behringer and rapco stuff. Honestly, I can't tell the difference