Bias amp 2 elite won't load

  • hello guys ,

    I'm new around here,
    today i've finally purchased bias amp 2 Elite ,
    when i downloaded and installed it simply won't load ,
    both when i run it via DAW and stand alone.

    i get the splash screen , and i get to the screen but it's just frozen,
    i'll put up a screen shot of the issue .

    edit :

    hey guys ,
    i've made it work ,
    but now facing another issue ,
    when i activate reverb there's no sound coming at all,
    and also it seems to be working only on right speker - no stereo only mono ,
    how do i activate stereo...
    and what's up with reverb...

    thank s

  • Moderator

    @thomasevig Hi, please go to Settings -> Audio Settings in BIAS Amp 2, and select Mono instead of Stereo for the Input, and choose the corresponding input as the Input channel to see if it works

  • thankssssss