Shared Tone Cloud presets cannot be found/accessed for download

  • Hi guys,

    Does someone maybe have an explanation why Tone Cloud presets can neither be found nor downloaded? Another user uploaded several amp settings and provided an accurate amp name, but the Tone Cloud simply does not find the presets (two example presets: "Karri Exodus 1" or "Andi Havok Exodus"). Consequently, I cannot download them to my Bias Amp 2.

    The other user has Bias Elite while I am using Bias Pro, both versions are equal except for the Celestion speaker sounds coming with the Elite version, does this assumption maybe help for clarification?


  • Moderator

    @andi-agatha Is it possible that the user uploaded the presets as private presets ?

  • @mike

    All "missing" presets are available to the public. I chased this down with the other user. The difference behind the missing amp presets is the Elite vs. Pro version of Bias Amp 2. The missing presets all contained a Celestion sound in the other users' Elite version. Tone Cloud apparently cross-checked that my Pro version is not eligible to play Celestion sounds and therefore made the preset unavailable for my account.