BIAS Amp: How to use the new Reverb in a live situation?

  • I wonder how to use the new Reverb in a live situation? It is a step forward that the settings and on/off state can be safed per patch but it is not handy to double each amp for a dry/wet usage.

    Easiest way for a workaround could be could be a MIDI-toggle switch.
    F.e. having your rhythm amp on MIDI-PC2 the app toggles the on/off state of the reverb if you hit PC2 on your footswitch once again (on Boss devices hitting the same footswitch again is used to enter the tuner).

    It would be even better, if one could define a fixed boost-level in the settings for the reverb (per patch), so the reverb could be used for lead-tones without the need for another amp-preset.

  • @sascha-ballweg Currently, right now I'm using it in the way you mentioned regarding doubling amps. It would be cool to be able to program the Bias Footswitch to function as a reverb toggle and a noise gate toggle.