Bias FX Pro Standalone MiDi help.

  • Hey all,

    I recently purchased the Logidy UMI3 MIDI over USB Foot Controller which I want to use as a foot switch midi controller. I followed the guide as to how to setup a midi controller, but it isn't working. Bias FX Pro standalone sees the midi controller and I enable it through the audio settings pane, but when I go to assign it to say a delay pedal it states something similar to "no midi input detected for 3 seconds." So although my PC sees the midi controller and so does BIAS I can't seem to actually get it to operate and activate/deactivate a pedal or anything for that matter. Any help would be much appreciated as this controller will make my BIAS experience far greater.


  • @nkuzevski I have the same hardware! Ok let me try to do this from memory ... I may have to test and repost.

    The UMI3 comes with some clunky software. You have to open that up and assign each of the buttons a midi code. Then save that setting to the pedal.

    Thats basically it. I dont remember exactly the steps but if that is not enough to help you let me know and Ill check it out later.

    For what its worth each button was assign 60, 61 and 62 respectively. Once that is done go back to Bias FX and "learn" under midi automation for each pedal. I use the pedal to toggle each effect (although I already realize 3 buttons is hardly enough).

  • @juan-decalifornia btw I had the exact same issue as you too! Brother from another pedal lol

  • @juan-decalifornia OK here are the settings I created that made this pedal work.