Lenghtening - counting mode

  • how can I lengthen a pattern? (Shortening works, but NO LENGTHENING)?

    FINE-TUNE - f.ex. 9 Blues 09 Verse 09_140 BPM

    1. on my IPAD - for this Pattern - the COUNTING Mode doesn´t work
    2. Furthermore, for the f.ex Right cymbal - a Change to Bell is not possible (the field where this is shown in a YouTube tutorial Video, is Grey)
    3. can the kick / Snare be changed (Counting mode,...)?
    4. can only ONE INSTRUMENT (Hi Hat, Tom,..) be changed in a pattern? (f.ex. I am interested to Change the hi-hat to quarter and the Tom to 16)
    5. can I SAVE a pattern - to use it in another song?
    6. If I use the same pattern twice in a song, and Change one Pattern (f.ex a verse) - will the second be also changed?

    I have someone photos do not knowing how to Upload them