Bias fx bias peddle do not work on mojave

  • I have reinstalled Bias fx on mojave on a new macbook pro 20 times ! I have been intouch with positve grid ! I was told to disable icloud rename bias fx file to bias backup and remove a file in the library ! That I did to stop the app crashing ! Which fucked up my my system ! I was on the telephone for 3 hours with apple ! I eventually reinstalled everything again ! Bias fx crashes ! Bias peddle crashes ! I these are standalone apps ! I had no choice but to use mojave ! My 17 inch late 2011 mac book pros gpu failed ! I had high sierra installed on it ! Everything worked fine ! Now I can’t even play my guitar using bias fx ! I am really angry and fed up ! What positive grid don’t seem to realise , is that mojave is installed on all new computers by apple and icloud is apart of the system ! I am really fed up ! What action should I take ! Does any one have a fix !

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    @mij-yerrk Hi, I've just replied to you via the ticket, thank you