Bias FX Hissing?

  • Not sure what I'm doing wrong but for some reason there is a background hiss when ever I use Bias FX with any of my instruments. I'm just running directly from my instrument into a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 and I don't think my interface is the issue as I hardly hear any background noise if I record it's output in Audacity. Even with the noise gate cranked up and a noise gate pedal in the chain it's still pretty bad. Here is a quick little video showing my issue, ignore my dumb playing.

    And here is a screenshot of my audio settings. Also if I try and use the ASIO4all driver all I get is a terrible loud screeching noise.alt text The sample rate and buffer size don't seem to effect the hiss at all. Any help would be appreciated.

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    did you turn off hardware monitoring completely on the behringer?

  • @pipelineaudio Yes the direct monitor is off

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    You sure you have the DI switch on (if it has one?)

  • @pipelineaudio It doesn't have any DI switch but I have tried playing with a DI going into the Behringer and I get the same result

  • Two comments:

    You may want to try the UMC ASIO driver from Behringer over the FL one. Might offer an advantage. Does this occur with all amp models? I have noticed that some amps are a little hissier than others (especially the acoustic ones for guitar).

    Also, cut down your sample rate (to 48 or 44.1) I seem to recall BFX having issues when I tried it that high.

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    I think the UM2 is one of the ones that doesn't have an asio driver, and ASIO4ALL is in its download section

  • Alright looks like it is my interface that's causing my problems. I did a fresh install of Bias FX and ASIO4all on my laptop and got the exact same results. Guess I get what I paid for. Any suggestions for a good audio interface around the $100-200 mark would be appreciated.

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    For 20 dollars more than the UM2, Behringer makes an "HD" series that has actual ASIO drivers, and if you look at my round trip latency chart, theyre actually pretty good!

    I am scared, however, to blame the hardware for sure. Is there another computer you can try that interface on?

    Before you give up on that interface, can you try bias FX inside a DAW? Perhaps even record the noise in there?

  • I have the 404HD, it was $99 at sweetwater. It is awesome. I get a little whine now and again when I use my emg active pups and stand near my desktop... but that is typical of USB audio interfaces...

    I would double check your sample rate. Also, do you get hissing from other audio applications? Or is it strictly input into BFX?

    While Behringer get a bad rap... i have lots of stuff from them and have very little to complain about. the 404HD is a nice home interface.

  • @pipelineaudio Definitely looks to be the interface. Tried it out in Fl Studio and the Amplitube demo and got similar results. Anyways thanks for the help, really appreciate it.

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