Bias FX 2 Looks Pretty Awesome

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    Also, seems to be a bug in the display of maximum tail length. If I set it below 1 second, then save the gig, the fader seems to show minimum but the time says 2.5 seconds

  • @dawseeker Lovely post... something about a rat's ass. You have nothing better to do then be on here? Maybe practice would be better for you?

  • @pipelineaudio Ah yes. Now I understand... You have two rackspaces with same sound really. So when you switch from one to the other there is a brief moment when both are really playing if you are holding your chord.
    So even though the rackspace you left if going to be silenced quickly there is still that moment when you are in fact playing both so your volume would double.

    If your second rackspace was say a clean sound rather than the same distorted one you would not hear this.

    I thought you were hearing artefacts just by switching. If we were to cut of the sound instantly you'd then hear another kind of "pop" altogether that would not sound pleasant.

    So if your patches are different and if you lower the tail length of your rackspace to 0 switching should not produce any undesirable effects. If you however switch between two of the same or very similar patches while holding down the chords - just be aware that for a brief moment both will play which cannot be normally heard, but in the case of the same patch results in a perception of a volume spike.

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    In real life its probably not something to be all that concerned about, but yeah, getting rid of it completely is tricky.

    We tried piles and piles of assymetrical crossfades to get these sorts of changes smooth , and they didn't always work no matter what

  • I see that the elite comes with the pedal software. If I already own that software can I sell the access that comes with the upgrade?

  • Yes, regarding pedal being included in Elite, hopefully this indicated '2' will have tighter integration of Pedal and Amp plugs. The way it is done on iOS is pretty cool but a master suite on the computer would add a lot of value.