CAB SIM and effect loop

  • I want to use my Bias Head on Stage connected to the 4x12 CAB without any Cab Sim. The XLR out connect direct to the P.A. with CAB Sim. In the Effect Loop my digital effect. I can't get it to work. In the User Manual it seems to be not possible? This must be a bad Joke?

  • Does no one need the effect send/ return on all outputs on parallel mode? On Speaker out without Cab sim, on line out with cab sim?

  • A2

    This is where almost all of these paradigms fall apart

  • I want to use both the Speaker Outs and the Line Outs at the same time, so I am using Parallel mode. It makes sense that one would not want the Cab Sim to affect the Speaker Out. I agree. However, with respect to the FX Loo....why would PG make the FX loop work only with the Line Outs in Parallel mode and not the speaker outs? Surely, PG could fathom why we would want our FXs to go to both?! I have Delay and Reverb in the FX Loop, so as is currently implemented in parallel mode, I get a dry signal out my 212 cab (Speaker Out) and a wet signal going to my DAW (Line Out).

    In Series Mode, The FX Loop is active on both Speaker and Line Outs...great! But now I am limited to use either the Speaker Outs or Line Outs, but not at the same time. And on top of it, the Cab Sim affects both outputs...what?! Why?! Why on earth would you ever want a Cab Sim to be processed thru a real cab? It will sound different thru a real cab vs a PA or monitors?

    This needs to change. The Cab Sim should only affect the Line Outs...ever. It should NEVER affect the Speaker makes no sense EVER why you would want that. But equally as important the FX loop should work regardless of which output you use, Speaker or Line or both. If PG wants the FX loop to be selectable (ALL Outputs or Line Only) that would be fine, but this logic as it stands makes no sense.

    I hope this gets fixed in a software update.