Input & Output Metering

  • Hi,

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but It seems like the input and output metering of Bias FX doesn't match up with my DAW or Audio Interface. I don't know which one is the most accurate.

    My signal chain is; Guitar into Presonus Firestudio Project Interface, into Bias FX Professional into Presonus Studio One 4 Professional.

    The level meters on the interface are a a good healthy Green and Amber. No Red.

    The Output Level Meters in Bias FX are Getting into the Yellow and Orange consistently with no Red. So all looks fine.

    But....when I record, the Wav. file is very small, almost nothing there visually. If I use the clip gain to raise the level of the Wav. file up of course then the tone changes This is most noticable on clean presets where there will be a lot of added distortion and the sound is no longer as clean as I want it.

    Maybe this is something I shouldn't worry about if it sounds good, but with a good input/output signal you would think the recorded Wav. file would look more normal.

    Thanks for any input or advice.