Impulses, what are you using?

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    For years, I pretty much stuck with my own impulses, Ryan Harvey's and sometimes the Rosen Digital, but since I don't play live, I never realized that most of these are too scooped for use in an actual FRFR setup on stage.

    I see Celstion has their own now, but damn theyre expensive. Rosen guys are doing 3 Sigma now and have five billion packs, no idea what to grab

    What are you guys liking with Bias?

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    imho Ownhammer's impulse responses are the best so far

  • The Ownhammer stuff is good. Redwirez. Joey Sturgis Tones. Fat Lazy Cabs.

    These are all mainly popular in metal circles.

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    There are so many Ownhammer packs, which ones do you guys buy?

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    @pipelineaudio said in Impulses, what are you using?:

    There are so many Ownhammer packs, which ones do you guys buy?

    every of those packs have tons of impules responses...I think you should buy'em all considering that with bias amp you're dealing with many sounds as well :D ....but if you are going to stick to just one amp or type of sound, buy first the pack which best suites your needs..

    In my case since I have a Mark V and a stiletto 2x12" cab closed back with v30's and I mainly use that kind of sounds I bought California duo pack first

  • @pipelineaudio
    You can check out their Mesa IR for free here:

    I'm a big fan of that one, along with the stuff in the Heavy Hitters packs, but pretty much all of this is geared towards heavier tones and a little pricier.

    They also have a "Core Tone" bundle that includes stuff like Fender, Vox, etc. for $30.

    Otherwise, you can buy individuals for cheaper, and there are quite a few demo videos on both their site and floating around online.

  • My favorite impulse is an ac30 I bought from
    Great stuff.

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    Yesterday I went crazy and made a bunch of amps with different IRs. I bought the Celestion V30 pack, pulled up some old favorites and then interrupted one of my kid bands practice so that I could see if they had the common problem of even high volume guitar sounds getting lost when there were real drums and bass.

    For this test I tried a JBL EON 15 and then a Mackie Art 300a

    Transport me back in time, because just as a fluke, I had thrown a ton of impulses in, even ones I barely use anymore, ever and sure enough, with the kids switching the amps, I picked Ryan Harvey's old S-pres High every single time. I also really really like the Rosen 1960A and also the Rosen 5150, though it really felt phasey for most notes, it had a cool tone on long chords. I think the Celestion ones have serious potential as they had some solid 600-800hz tones and I think I just need to work with them for a longer period of time, but for instant satisfaction, Ryan's old ones really worked well for me.

    I put a pile of these on Tonecloud, across three amps, the 5153, Triple Recto and Mk2c if anyone wants to try them