Stereo delay for wet-dry-wet setup?

  • Hi. I’d like to use bias fx (iPad) to do the left-right ‘wet’ part of a wet-dry-wet amp setup.
    The dry (center channel) is my physical valve amp.
    The wet (left and right channels) are 2 different amps hard panned in bias fx.

    Basically, it’s a small valve amp flanked by two stereo speakers (driven by bias fx ).

    The thought is I can feed a a single stereo delay/reverb into two separate bias amps panned hard left and right. My (physical) fender super champ in the center (dry signal) for clarity.

    I’m just having fun/experimenting.
    Is this possible with bias fx?
    At first go, was not obvious how to do this with the bias splitter.

    on Tone cloud, looks like most folks use a separate delay/fx on each bias amp. Perhaps, there is a cleaner way to do it?