Bias FX MIDI Control in Presonus Studio One

  • Hi,

    Anyone have any tips on getting a MIDI controller to work with Bias FX in Presonus Studio One 4?

    I'm using Bias FX Professional and a Rig Kontrol 3 pedal in Studio One 4 Professional,

    Rig Kontrol works fine in Bias FX Stand Alone mode. Rig Kontrol works fine with Guitar Rig 5 in Studio One. All the controls show up in Studio One's External Devices window.

    I have the correct MIDI CC's assigned to the various parameters I want to control in Bias FX.

    It was suggested on the Presonus forum to create and "Instrument" track and have that point to Bias FX which I did (Described be;ow)

    I add an Instrument track,
    set the input as "Rig Kontrol 3 | Any,
    Output to the instance of Bias FX i want to control,
    and Arm the track.

    The only thing I can get it to do is toggle on/off the Wah pedal which is receiving CC#64 for that function but nothing else is being affected. The Wah Pedal doesn't move nor do any of the other switches that are already setup to their corresponding CC #'s in Bias FX work.

    I'm obviously doing something wrong or missing a step.

    Any tips or help is appreciated

  • Moderator

    Please refer to the video here to see if it works

  • Mike,

    Thanks for the reply. That does help. I can now get the Wah Pedal to move by linking it as in the video, but I can't get the Toggle on/of function to work. The on/off for the pedals in Bias FX doesn't show up in Studio One's linking system.