Updates to the Pro Series EQ?

  • I was wondering if there will be future updates to the Pro Series EQs. I love the sound I'm getting in my mixes and individual tracks, and I wish I could have the same experience with their UIs. Currently they are buggy, slow and clunky and their text labels are really small. In addition, I notice that with the Tube EQ, when I switch a frequency on a band, often, if not always, the gain for that band resets itself.

  • Just bought into the Compressors myself today. I also noticed some graphical issues as well as that none of the parameters are exposed to host automation - means I cannot assign Macros e.g. in Maschine or record automation in Studio One.

    "App Version" says something like - so I believe these are just early releases. Positive Grid seems well established with their BIAS Plugins so I don't doubt we will see these issues addressed in future updates. At least hoping ;) Also it's holidays atm, so yeah, I'd say we collect the issues here and I'm sure they'll catch up.

    One more thing that bugs me: I always need to re-authenticate in each of the 6 Plugins, hoping for a permanent solution.

    One thing we both agree, they sound absolutely fantastic.

  • I also interpret the product to be in alpha or beta stages at the moment, but they have not been updated since July of this year. When I saw the second round offering the EQs for free I worried that maybe they won't updated, but that's just me (hopefully).

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    Hi Guys, We're planning on a new update for Pro Series, thanks!

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    Man I would LOVE to see this inside Bias FX! Or a mellower one, but parametric plus an HPF

  • Also I would like to have ability to automate midi cc's through host and using midi controller in the future updates

  • It's been over a year now since I bought these - and contrary to my believes the last, long-awaited update didn't address any of the issues: Parameters are still no exposed to Host Automation and thus can't be used in Maschine. The Login / Authorization is still very time consuming, after every update you need to login to Tonecloud from each single plugin on every Computer and every DAW / Program you use them.

    That is 6 Plugins x 2 PCs x 3 DAWs / Mastering Environments = 36 Logins just for these. Although they sound pretty good, a bit muddy in the low end, I lost my hope in these plugins and it leaves me pretty disappointed. There's been potential in these.

  • @mr-beatbot I have to say that I am concerned and disappointed with the lack of support for these products. They sound really great, but they are a pain to work with. When I do decide to use them, they require a serious need and commitment to deal with how much time it takes for an instance to load, and then dealing with buggy UI widgets and tiny and almost unreadable labels. Same goes with the Pro Series Compressor bundle.

    I do hope that development of these products is still ongoing and that I just need to patient.

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    Loading time on all the PG stuff is pretty painful. I have an idea what it is and have shared it with them, hopefully it can be implemented.

  • The updates to the pro series and really it will help you to monitor the system status and check the Router Setup Guide to know more about it and you will also get to know more.