Bias FX Pro - Connection to Store

  • Dear six strings colleagues, I'm new on Positive Grid.

    I cannot get the access to the store of Bias FX Pro on the standalone version, even by open it as VST via Cubase...
    To express better the issue, I click the "Store" button, but the windows keeps loading continuously.
    Also, I can go back to the home section, I must close and re-open the software...
    Does anyone knows this issue? What should I do?

    Thankyou in advance,

  • Strange. But if you're trying to buy something you can do it on the web directly. And if instead you're trying to activate something, you just need to log in on the app.

  • Yes, sure! By website I don't have any problem!! Or maybe it's a problem of my internet connection, pretty bad, it's hard to reach 2 Mb/s!!
    Anyway thank you!!

  • Same here the in-app store doesn't load.


  • Still cannot access the in-app Store with Bias FX Pro any fix on this??
    I know I can go directly to PG website just wondering why no access with app.