XDrummer playback via bluetooth

  • From FAQ:
    Q: Can I use my Bluetooth speakers with X Drummer?
    A: To avoid potential interference and latency issues, Bluetooth speakers are currently not supported.

    Does this make sense? I bought X Drummer because I wanted it as an accompaniment for my practice session. I have a guitar amp with bluetooth so I wanted to pair may IPad with X Drummer and play along with my drum track.

    This is not possible. I understand that some people can get latency issues when they wont use it properly but it should be possible to turn this limitation off in an advanced options menu.
    It is a bummer I cannot do it :(

  • @petr-pokorny I have a solution for using bluetooth speakers.
    First have to run some DAW with bluetooth speaker support eg. Garageband, DAW Multitrack, Audio Share, etc and then connect X Drummer as IAA. You can hear it in bluetooth. But you must remember this will play with huge latency.

  • @mark-bether said in XDrummer playback via bluetooth:

    Audio Share

    Thank you for the reply! It is little bit cumbersome but it works.