• A2

    Anyone there? Hopefully there's a Bias FX 2 Pedalboard....please please please!

  • @pipelineaudio Hahahahaha !

  • A2

    We have to spend all of our NAMM effort this year on network audio...sooooooooooo much I want to do, but this year, this is super critical for us and killing my ability to satisfy curiosity and window shop!

    Its all up to you PG to wow the world with the new Bias FX2 floor unit!

  • Man, I am glad I do not share the obsession with a dedicated floor unit for FX that some folks have :-) I have been using an iPad with the MeloAudio TS Mega and I don't think I would spring for a dedicated floor unit at this point. It feels like that base is covered for me.

    I would be stoked to see it because it might turn more people onto PG stuff and increase the number of patches/resources, but personally I am covered.