Turning off Cab Sim on Bias Mini

  • Just got a Bias Mini. When I plug a 2 x 12 Speaker Cabinet in is the Cam Sim bypassed automatically by the Amp. The software still shows the Cab Sim as active. Is this used just for Line Out and not Speaker Out. How do you turn off Cab Sim in Bias Amp 2 . There seems to be no “None” option ?

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    @loopyjimi682 The Cab-Sim feature on SPK-Out of the MINI Amp is always bypassed. If you want to bypass the Cab-Sim on XLR-Out, you will need to drag the Cab-Sim block off in BIAS Amp2 and save it to the patch to get it work.

  • @felix Yeh thanks that’s what I thought but I couldn’t see it stated anywhere in the info. I had the idea I could use an old Peavey amp 2 x 12 speakers as a Cab but the sound is very boxy and all mids. So now I don’t know if it’s the Amp or my Cab. It sounds great through headphones but I want to gig with the Amp and I just want to run it as an Amp/Cab setup but I’m trying to find out what the best Cab will be .

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    @loopyjimi682 Is that Peavey amp a combo or passive cabinet only? Have you tried to cut the mids on the MINI Amp? Feel free to PM me.

  • Hi @felix I am going to purchase 2 x 12inch speakers to go into an existing cabinet.Does Positive Grid have a recommeced speaker. I am thinking Cel G12H-75 Creambacks Cheers