Automaticaly turn on-off the wah by Behringer to program?

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    @paul-jones32 said in Automaticaly turn on-off the wah by Behringer to program?:

    FWIW, Here is how I solved the fcb1010 wah "issue". I set preset 10 to CC 27 (it does not send any PC info), this toggles the wah (preset 10 is close to the wah pedal). The leftmost pedal controls the wah. My issue was combining the CC command to toggle the wah with a PC command to change presets.

    I love (LOVE) the fcb1010, despite some less than intuitive solutions I need to come up with. .... :-)

    That's how I did it to, but also drilled a switch under the expression pedal and wired the switch to switch 10's terminals on the 1010
    alt text

  • @paul-jones32 its ok solution, because its nearly the same when you must turn on ordinary wah, its close , its good...Now I programmed this also..I oredered any controller yet Melo audio midi commander, so I will try both and I will see...But when I try to connect real wah and play normally it in signal, maybe its a little better wah sound than wah in Bias FX...its a little bit different sound