What about the mics in Bias FX Pro?

  • I purchased the Pro version last nite.
    To my amazement, there's not one more mic than in the lite version. It's still just two. How's that?
    To make matters worse, when you move the mics around, pretty much nothing happens. What's the reason for adding photorealistic graphics of a mic moving around when there's actually nothing happening?
    Bias folks: Did you ever move a mic around in front of a real cabinet? I can't believe you did because otherwise you'd know that the current implementation is almost pathetic, it's got zero connection to the real world.
    And why doesn't FX Pro doesn't come with an IR loader anyway? All decent amp sims these days do.
    Sure, I can slap one into my signal path after it, but that absolutely renders saving presets inside FX Pro useless.

  • Agreed. I too was very disappointed to find no means of using third party IRs.
    Nor did I notice much of a change whilst moving the mics or switching between 'cabs'.
    Hopefully PG is aware of this and addresses this soon.

  • @musical-alchemy said in What about the mics in Bias FX Pro?:

    Agreed. I too was very disappointed to find no means of using third party IRs.
    Nor did I notice much of a change whilst moving the mics or switching between 'cabs'.
    Hopefully PG is aware of this and addresses this soon.

    In all honesty, it seems as if they want as many folks as possible to update to Bias Amp. That way, IRs are an option (even inside Bias FX) and they could as well profit from the Celestion deal.

    I for one don't need Bias Amp just yet (I may lust after it one day, though, but defenitely not at the current state of "calling home and elsewhere" affair) and as said, most serious contenders either offer vastly superior cab tweaking options on their own (even the free Amplitube cab section is about 5x as customizable as Bias FX Pro) or IR loading (such as S-Gear or TH3).

    And while I'm still having a blast with FX Pro right now (once I'm over the frustration of the initial load time most likely caused by the thing trying to establish a connection to 20+ webadresses - no, I kid you not), the entire product palette presentation is a tad shady to me. Gotta purchase the pedal plugins to get the real goodies and Bias Amp to get some things that are more or less standard with the competition.
    Sure, it's not as if FX Pro wouldn't be great on its own, especially not for the price I paid due to the latest promotion - but it's not so great that I'd ever pay the full price.

  • Yes, other than the lack of an IR loader, FX Pro is very good software. I'd expect that they might leave out certain features from the standard version, but I think the Pro version should contain all 'Pro' features including an IR loader which is fairly standard today. If PG is listening I do hope they add this for those who went further and purchased the Pro version over Standard.

  • @musical-alchemy The issue is almost certainly architectural in their software. The IR Loader is in Bias Amp which is a separate product. The Bias amp has the IR baked into it when you edit the amp and this can be imported into FX. A second IR loading layer in FX would need to sense when the amp had an IR baked in and somehow defeat it. I am sure this is possible but it is probably expensive from a development point for PG.

    Their 'official' solution is probably to use Bias Amp Pro to edit the Amp and add an IR; and then use that amp in FX if you want.

    In the plugin realm, you also always have option to disable cabs/IRs in that instance of FX and use a second plugin for IR loading. It is certainly less clean than a built-in loader which I would also like to see but it is certainly not a deal breaker either.

    I often audition IRs with a loader using Bias amp because it is easier to use an IR plugin than the Bias Amp editor. After that the Bias Amp can be saved with the final pick and loaded into FX on the plugin and mobile.

    Overall, direct IR loading, especially if it supported one in each path of the FX stereo path would be a big win for functionality of course...But in addition to the development cost, another concern for PG is supporting mobile: On the fly stereo IR loading is probably going to substantially effect the hardware requirements on the mobile devices they can support and mobile is a big differentiator for PG.

  • Well, as I see it, the IR loader wouldn't have to be a part of the amp module but could (or probably even should) come as a separate FX unit that one could insert anywhere in the signal path.
    By now, there's several IRs tailored to turn your guitar into something else, be it a pseudo-acoustic or an attempt to change your pickups from HB to SC (or vice versa). Using them for such things is becoming more and more popular.
    Add the ability to shape things a bit (mainly a volume envelope and an EQ) plus a mix control and you could even use reverb IRs straight inside Bias FX.
    Implemented that way it'd probably also be a bit more obvious in case a sort of "double cab" conflict might occur while using Bias Amp modules.