BiasFX is a POS and I am really tired of it.

  • Been praising this software for weeks since I bought it. Today I was attempting to write a song while streaming on Twitch (separate streaming box) and this is what happens ....

    Destroying my entire creative process and frustrating me beyond belief! Not to mention ruining my stream for the day. Im going to try and get a refund, but it probably wont happen. Ill be stuck with this POS forever. Ill go back to using real amps cause it obvious this digital crap doesn't work.

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    Whoa, buddy, I definitely feel your pain!

    Most of my issues with the PG stuff are the same issues I have with JUCE plugs in general, and then the really scary, sketchy sluggishness that comes fro mthe amount of info and way it writes copy protection. The copy protection hash from ONE instance of Bias will eclipse all the other plugins' hash put together, no matter how many plugins I'm running. The only time it tends to crash on me is related to opening or exposing the GUI, especially if the GUI is exposed on project load.

    Could be a lot more stable.

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    Hi, We're really sorry for the issue you're experiencing, we're aware of this issue and we're looking into this,

    Please roll back to v1.6.7 below as a workaround for now, sorry for all the hassle.

    BIAS FX: