Low latency iOS audio interface?

  • Hello,

    I’m wondering what the lowest latency iOS audio interfaces are today for use with Bias Fx Mobile? My only experience with iOS audio interfaces is an older Apogee Jam (original model) that has noticeable latency with Bias Fx Mobile. For latency comparison I also have a Helix, AX8 and Presonus Quantum 2 Thunderbolt 2 interface with plugins and I do not notice latency on any of them. Hoping a newer iOS audio interface will greatly reduce the latency I’m noticing with Bias Fx. Anyone do any comparisons and have suggestions for a good low latency iOS audio interface?

  • What iOS device are you running? I have a Quantum 2 interface for my Mac also and that interface is so fast that it is bound by the device itself, not the interface. In fact, the Q2 AFAIK is the fastest audio interface in existence. It can do like under 2ms roundtrip on a really fast hardware system.

    Like on the PC, the device potentially makes a big difference with Bias, IME.

    I assume you have the latest version and have tried to set it to Ultra low latency mode?

    My iPad Pro 10.5 can use any of my interfaces in that mode with little or no detectable latency.

  • I have a iPhone 6s and a 1 or 2 year older iPad Mini. Not the latest and greatest, but both seem to have about the same latency with low latency turned on. Both stay under 50% cpu usage. Latency isn’t terrible, but annoyingly noticeable compared to everything else.

    Are you saying all the iOS interfaces are about the same? I’m just looking for an ultra light, small and inexpensive backup to my other devices. If the Apogee Jam is as good as it gets I won’t waste the money on a new iOS interface. .

  • I m using the XSONIC Xtone with my ipad 2017 and works perfect, I have not noticed any latency at all (in ultra low latency mode). I used to have the irig hd 2 too and was fine as well.

  • A2

  • I use Sonic Port and didn't play for a while through it, but recently I started to use it again and noticed latency, which wasn't before (older iOS?), low latency in bias/jumup didn't help. Fixed with AudioBus's setting of 64 or 128 buffer - it's 256 by default on iOS now, as I understood. With audiobus it's great for me.