Pitchshift not working on 'shifter' mode, does work for 'Harmony' mode

  • Hi, recently purchased bias fx pro - currently have version

    I want to use the pitchshift pedal in the 'shifter' mode, but it doesn't seem to be making any difference to the pitch no matter where i place the pedal in the order/chain of pedals. I've tried the various shifts down a fourth, down 2 octaves etc. No difference. If i change the level, signal is just louder.
    However, the Harmony mode works fine...
    Is this a bug or noob error?

  • As i thought - user error:
    It looks like in Harmony mode it works out the box.
    In shifter mode - you have to manually press down the whammy pedal section of the pedal to get the pitch shift to take effect in the shifter mode.
    Hopefully this might help others if come across similar issue (didn't realise could press that down)