Getting no internet connection error while trying to activate bias fx

  • Hi all,

    I'm getting this error "No internet connection! Please check your internet connection and try again." when I click on "Store", "Upgrade" or "Login Tonecloud" options from the Bias Fx application. I just purchased Bias FX Standard and because of this issue I'm unable to activate the application and access tone cloud etc.

    I have already tried the support article which suggests to check proxy, disable firewall etc, but those steps didn't help. Also, the customer support response is very slow and hasn't been helpful so far. I couldn't find any support number either to call them instead of exchanging emails.

    I'm unable to use the application because of this. Can someone help?


  • Have you tried manually updating the application by just downloading a newer version?
    Maybe the hostname isn't getting resolved properly. Try using googles DNS server in your network settings. ( or This could literally be anything. Are you sure you've disabled all your firewalls?

    Last thing you could try is look at the network traffic to check where it's going wrong (and if the application is actually trying to connect to anything).

    Kind regards,

  • Hey did you find the solution to your problem?
    I have exactly the same and haven't been able to use Bias FX for a week now!
    "Mike" tried to help me but what he suggested didn't help.