Bias fx set up

  • I bought bias fx standard for Windows 10 on my desk top. I'll be getting a scarlet solo interface also. I have a peavey keyboard amp. My question is, how do I hook everything up so I can play my guitar while using the bias fx and using my keyboard amp as a monitor. I don't want to record or play live with any of this. I just want to play by myself. But I do want to be able to play at loud volume on occasion. Is this possible? And if so, How? Thanks.

  • It's pretty easy. Guitar --> interface --> BFX (use asio driver). Then, run a line out, or headphone out to your amp and you should be good to go. The solo has RCA speaker outs, so you might want to first try using the head phone out to the amp in.

    To get only the BFX output, you will need to disable the direct monitoring feature.

  • @paul-jones32 thanks Paul. I appreciate the help. I'll let you know how it works. Thanks again!!