Design (Image) does not save

  • I’m using the Bias Amp Head with an iPad Pro.

    Every time that I save an amp that I created on the iPad, the saved image does not match the one that I created. Also the knobs change to different knobs and my original Tolex that I create through my images will never save to the Bias Head.

    The odd thing is when I create the image offline and then save it to my Custom group, it appears exactly how I created it in the Custom group..

    As someone suggested, I uploaded the custom made amp to the Tone Cloud but, it didn’t save the exact image there either.

    I am running ios 12.1.1 , the latest update for my iPad, and my Firmware is up to date on the Bias Head.

    Is this defect more to do with the Bias Amp 2 App or my iPad Pro?

    Any ideas?

  • These are pics before and after, the image changes every time I create an image in my Custom section then save it to my Bias Amp Head Gear.

    In this instance, my custom creation of the white and yellow amp changes to an all black tolex and the knobs change, always!
    So frustrating...1_1547388291304_C4133A00-29C0-4630-8BC3-E276DB7E564A.jpeg 0_1547388291303_E5BAF99E-5940-4D8B-9C1B-D57A655F1A5B.jpeg )