Studio One 3.5 crashes when hitting Bias FX Pro during VST scan

  • Hi, all.

    First post.

    I recently bought the Pro bundle after having FX Pro for a couple of weeks. Since activating Amp Pro and the new coy of FX Pro, I can't get into any projects that include the first instance of FX Pro I was using before buying the FX/Amp Pro bundle a couple of days ago. As soon as the VST scan hits FX Pro, S1 crashes. Projects that don't include Bias products are fine. Anyone having a similar issue or able to give me some advice? I'm at a standstill with projects from the last 30 days.



  • Hi,

    Make sure you have the latest version of the VST plugin although you just bought it, because the Studio One 3.5 is very sensitive to plugins that are not updated. It never crashes except for when I have some older plugin I forgot to update. Hope this will solve your problem :)


  • I personally have never had an issue with Studio One Pro (any version 3 or 4) and plugins that aren't up to date or old plugins. All my PG plugs, Amp 1 Pro, Amp2 Elite, FX Pro are at the versions prior to the 'Announcement System' and the 'In App Store' being released, and there isn't an issue.

    You could try going to Users - your user name -AppData - Roaming - PreSonus - Studio One folder, and either dragging to desktop or renaming the folder x64, then start Studio One and let it do it's thing. You may have to redo some settings, but by looking at the contents of the x64 folder you should be able to work out what you can copy back to the newly created x64 folder to get your settings back if you wish, but if you copy back the wrong files you will just be back where you started.

    You could also try 'Reset Blacklist' in Options - Locations - VST Plug-ins, close down Studio One and then restart it.

    Just out of curiosity, if you already had FX Pro running and all, why the need for activating another copy?