Question about software license with the hardware

  • I am confused about this: There are used BIAS hardware amps out there, which are offered without a software license. From my understanding this should not be possible at all because every BIAS hardware amp should be linked to a software-license.

    Or do I miss something?

    What happens when a buyer of a "hardware without software" contacts support and tries to get the free BA2 update providing the serial-no?

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    @sascha-ballweg The BIAS Amp2 desktop license is actually belong to device itself, let's say, if you purchase a used BIAS device (Head/Rack or MINI Amp), you can simply access to the license when you register BIAS device to your Positive Grid account.

  • @felix thank you. That's what I expected. Strange that there are people out there who think that they can separate the software from the Hardware. I hope you got these on your watchlist.

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    @sascha-ballweg True, we've received a few tickets about this before. The new owner still need to write to us to deactivate the device from previous owner's account though.