Getting 16 presets to respond to multiple PC changes?

  • Hi folks,

    I'm in the process of trying to use a Nux Cerberux on my pedal board as a midi-controller, purely for PC messages, to change presets on the Bias Mini.

    What I want to do is have a one hit solution, so as I change a delay/verb preset on the Nux, the Bias Mini goes to, say, a 'glassy' preset, etc

    I've been in contact with the Nux about assigning different PC numbers to each preset (128 of them, in 32 banks of 4), but at the moment it's unclear if this is possible, and it may be that bank 1a will out put PC change 1, 1b =2, 2a =5, 3d=12, etc.

    So if I can't reassign the Nux's sends, is it possible to have the Bias presets respond to multiple PC numbers.

    Eg, my high gain SLO preset will be be selected to, for example, PC change 3 (on bank 1c), but I could also get it to be selected on PC 15 (on bank 4c)

    At worst, I could live with only 16 Nux presets triggering 16 Bias presets, but I'd like to have more preset options available.

    Apologies if this is a dumb question, this is my first foray into midi-control and switching. I've always just been basic pedal board into front of 2 channel amp guy...


  • @jon-elordieta This probably doesn’t help you with the NUX, but I can do this with the Line 6 HX Effects unit. Each snapshot can have 6 MIDI mesages sent, but I’m using just the one PC message to switch the channel on my Bias head.

  • @ocpunkabilly Thanks anyway...

    I'm talking to the Nux people, who apparently have quite a big firmware update, which I'm hoping might give more midi editing facilities

    Surely it wouldn't have been too much to ask to ask for 128 amps in my Bias Mini to match everything up? :)

  • @Jon-Elordieta It is possible to get the bias gear to change with a PC message. I was able to do it with both a Behringer FCB1010 Midi controller as well as a Line 6 HX effects. The only problem I see with what you're trying to do is a lack of information in their manual. It says the Nux has full midi implementation but failed to document how to use that. If I were you I would scroll through the menus on the Nux and see if you can find anything relating to midi. But regarding your question about getting the bias amp to respond to different midi pc numbers, I think this is possible. You would just have to set up your presets on the bias amp to correspond to the midi pc numbers in your bias software (which runs in numerical order through the 4 channel banks in the software from 1-15 I believe), that in turn would correspond to the pc# on the Nux. There is one other issue I ran into with the midi changes that killed it for me. It isn't an instantaneous change with the stomp of the midi controller, with the bias foot controller channels change immediately, with midi there is a noticeable delay. At least there was for me with channel changes. Hope this helps some.

  • Thanks Brian,

    I think I'm stuck using only 16 presets on the Nux, to align to the 16 amps on the Bias...really, that should be relatively workable, I'm just being greedy, I guess, wanting to use all 128 FX presets, all switching between the 16 Bias amps...