I have positive grid on my macbook

  • I have positive grid fx pedal and amp 2 on my macbook pro , I have a new ipad pro ! Do I have to purchase new lisences for my ipad ! Seems abit unfair to me if I do have to , my macbook pro is on the way out ,so l bought the ipAd , I don’t want to be paying for something twice.

  • @j-kerry The mobile products are cheap and don’t develop themselves. If you can afford a MacBook and iPad you can afford a PG mobile app license. I don’t mind paying for it as it is a great value and supports development.

  • Not sure that is the response you are looking for from Eric...LOL

    If you can afford a new Ipad Pro you can afford to buy more software ?...lol

    First off the 2 platforms are not quite the same, since IPAD uses an apple stripped down platform and macbook pro uses MAC OS software, so do not think they would be compatible.

    If you bought a new MAc Book, I believe you can just install the software there, and same with Windows, but 2 different platforms I do not see it happening.