Change latching mode on BT4?

  • I have the BT4, and really want to use it with various looping apps, but the way the buttons are set up, it makes it impossible to get the right timing, because the midi signal only sends when you release them,not on the initial press down. Is there any way to make it so that it turns on when you push, rather than release?

  • @gwilym-james I think I found the answer to my question from the quantiloop support section:

    “The Positive Grid BT-4 unfortunately does not support momentary operation at this moments.
    The limitation is that hold actions can not be assigned to any of the buttons. This is not a Quantiloop limitation, but requires momentary operation from the controller. As a workaround you could assign a double tap action to the User Button (3) for instance.

    Compared to irig blueboard which got a firmware update to allow this?

    “As of firmware 1.2 the Blueboard supports Apple Bluetooth over LE and momentary control change behavior. There is no need for the IRIG BlueBoard software in this case.“

    Is there a chance this switching can be fixed in firmware, or will I have to sell the device to be able to use it as a looper.